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Pensacola Lawn Care Services
What we do
Lawn Service
Whether you're looking for a simple mow or full lawn care service,
we provide consistent quality workmanship that will surpass even us. Truly down to the smallest of details, because we believe great satisfaction comes from superb results. 

Lawn Maintenance 
Shrub Trimming
Leaf Removal 
Core Aeration
Spring & Fall Clean Ups 
Fertilizer and Weed Control
We put just as much care in landscaping as we do with any other of our services. One of the main points we strive for is excellence every time, and an open mind to your ideas. Tell us what you want and leave the work to us.

Small to Mid Size Tree Removal
Sod and Plug Installation
Lawn Dressing
Flower Beds
Pressure Washing
We know as a growing lawn care service company in Pensacola how important the curb appeal of your home is. We want the best possible results for your home period. That being said, we believe that a complete maintained lawn starts with a clean, consistent reflection of the exterior of your home.
Vinyl Siding
& much more!
Leaf Removal:
This service includes all leaves in flower beds and lawn areas.
Leaf clean ups should be done as part of your ongoing lawn care service maintenance plan. It is best to schedule them on your regular lawn mowing visits. This will reduce the time it takes to get the leaves up since we would already be cutting and bagging the lawn as well.

Sod Installation:

Spring and fall are best times of year to install sod in the Pensacola, Fl climate zone.
It is best to spend a little extra on the sod prep if your soil quality is not the best. Soil quality can be improved with organic compost, organic fertilizing and proper tilling and cultivating. It is also recommended to dress the installed sod with high-quality organic top soil. This will ensure the grass fills in and takes faster. Lawn care services in Pensacola climate should resume after about one to one and half months following installations for best results.

Flower Installation:
Proper preparation is key to a successful installation, removing all weeds, adding in important nutrients is very important to a proper installation. This does increase the cost slightly but ensures the flowers will grow and flourish for years to come.

Lawn Maintenance:
This Includes mowing all turf areas, line trimming around all obstacles. Stick edging beds, walkways, driveways, and patios. Blowing off all debris and spraying concrete areas to keep weed and grass free.

Shrub Trimming:
Our shrub trimming service is top notch. We identify the type of shrub before pruning. This ensures we do not cause any harm from over-pruning. All our equipment is kept clean and sharp to promote quick healing after the trimming process, and finally, we thin, shape and sculpt the shrubs to your liking.

Core Aeration:
Aeration is done by removing soil plugs that are 3 to 4 inches deep. This will promote proper water and fertilizer utilization which can reduce the amount for water needed. It also provides oxygen to the root system which results in the stronger turf.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups:
Seasonal clean ups are a necessary part of yard care. We perform this service by removing leaves from beds and turf areas, picking up sticks, weeding beds, and pruning shrubs, plants, and ornamentals.

Fertilization & Weed Control:
Currently, we offer only organic fertilization, with exceptions being in the spring and fall. We have found organics do a much better job in reducing fertilizer induced turf disease. We also offer weed control if you currently have an active recurring service with us. This enables us to control proper care to your lawn by coordinated with each service crew to make sure all treatments are timed properly and diagnosed correctly.