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Watering Schedules:
Newly installed grass:
Grass should be keep moist for a period of two to four weeks to insure the turf does not dry out. If you miss a day no worries, simply water the following morning or early afternoon if possible. Late afternoon or night watering can cause fungus from residual water resting on grass due to not being able to dry properly.
You may not have to water as much depending on how much shade cover is over the planted area, test the area by removing a section of soil to see if it is still moist.

Newly installed Flowers, Shrub, Ground Covers, Ornamental Grass, and Plants:
With most shrubs, Ornament grass, and flowers, keeping the soil moist for a period of two weeks should suffice. As with any other plant it is best to test the soil periodically to insure it remains moist for the rooting period.

Mature Lawns:
Most mature lawns should be watered three times a week for 45 minutes to one hour per day. If rain is in the forecast simply reduce water for that week depending on amount of rainfall. This is best done after performing lawn maintenance service.
Watering lightly and frequently can cause fungus in the Pensacola area, and will not penetrate the soil level far enough to encourage proper root development. It is best to mimic natural rainfall.

Mature Flowers:
Most flowers should be watered two to three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes per day, this will supply them with the right amount of water to grow and flourish.
Mature Ornamental Grasses, Shrubs & Ground Covers:
Many ornamental grasses, shrubs and ground covers do not require much water to thrive in our climate, we recommend watering them twice a week for 30 minutes per day.

It is best to fertilize turf grass with a slow release nitrogen synthetic fertilizer that contains organic compounds, or an organic fertilizer. These fertilizers should contain macro and micro nutrients like N.P.K, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. It should also contain copper, zine and other trace minerals. Fertilizing in Pensacola should be done after lawn maintenance service was performed.
The use of semi synthetics, and organic fertilizers, can reduce turf diseases related to over fertilization of nitrogen.
Most lawn should be fertilized 3 to 4 times per year. Once in spring, once in summer, and once in the fall, or add one more fertilizing to make it twice in the summer instead of once.

Flowers, Shrubs, and Ornamentals:

We believe it is best to use only organic plant and flower based fertilizers on shrubs, flowers, and ornamentals. We recommend this since many problems can arise from over fertilization.

  • If you need to cancel an appointment or service, you must provide a 7 to 4 days’ notice prior to an upcoming service date. You may do so by calling our office directly. Email or voicemail may not result in prompt cancellation.
  • Please keep dogs inside the house before we start servicing your property. We will not be held responsible if your dog gets out or bites one of our team members.
  • It is the homeowner’s responsibility to remove dog waste, toys, or other consumables prior to having your lawn serviced.
  • We cannot guarantee an exact time of day for recurring weekly, Bi - Weekly accounts. However, we will service your property the same day of the week every week or every other week depending on your package of choice.
  • If we have to reschedule a visit, due to weather or break downs. We will resume service the following day if permitted, or resume the following week, on your usual service day.

  • Done Right – If the work in question is not done correctly the first time, we will re-do the item/service free of charge until it is done properly.
  • Held Accountable – We hold ourselves accountable to any mistakes our team does on your property. We will either fix the mistake or hire another company to fix it for you.
  • No stone left unturned – At the end of any service you hire us for, we will double check that nothing is out of place or left on your property before we leave.